Cosine Sports Solutuions LLC

Web, media and marketing services for the Airgun Industry.

Built for Airguns

Welcome to Cosine Sports Solutions, a unique company founded to support and promote the airgun industry. We are a Web Hosting and Digital Media production company designed specifically to sponsor and promote airgun clubs, competitions, the airgun community and airgun affiliated small businesses.

What We Do

Dedicated Web Hosting for Airgun Websites

Custom Web Design

Digital and Print Media

Promotional Marketing

Club Sponsorship

Created specifically for the airgun industry, Cosine Sports provides airgun clubs, businesses and events the digital and online support and services needed to stay relevant in the modern world without scrutiny, censorship or shadowbans.

Designed for longevity.

Focused on our industry.

Featured Work

Current projects and customers covering a variety of services.

Texas’ home for Airgun competitions. FT Club sponsorship and support. Match reports, schedules, event registrations and the TFT e-zine. Members only forums, classifieds and marketplace.

Tenacious Airguns

Web design and hosting, media production, digital and in-person marketing.

S & S Ultimate Field Targets

Product review production, 4k video, web hosting, cross-site and physical promotion at events.

Web hosting and services that supports airgunning.

Dedicated Cloud Hosting

Cosine’s dedicated hosting helps prevent airgun sites from host side throttling, blacklisting or even shadow banning while protecting privacy and supporting the industry and community directly.


99.90% uptimes , Daily Backups, Managed back-end, lifetime Cloudflare protection. 8 Gig RAM, 6 Cores, unlimited bandwidths, all for airgun websites.

Marketing and Design

Industry knowledge separates us from the pack. No lengthy explanations of our industry and products to an uninformed web designer. Custom photography and videos. Scaleable designs and plans for new and growing clubs and businesses. Custom coding available. 

Benefits Clubs and Events

Cosine Sports sponsors FT clubs and provides direct web and digital services for Airgun clubs and events. Live Streaming, online registration, match coverage and more. Hosting your site with Cosine directly supports airgun clubs and the industry. No other hosting plan can say that!

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Let’s Build Airgunning Together!


San Antonio, Texas




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